About Me

I first became interested in plant medicine many years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with asthma and my wife and I sought alternative treatment for her.  Quite a few years later herbs then cured a very painful chronic condition plaguing me.  Kidney stones.

Oh My God they hurt for hours and hours like you don’t ever want to know. After being hospitalized twice, I was told there was nothing mainstream medicine could do for me besides hospitalization for morphine based painkillers and in a crisis, surgery.  During my second hospital visit, an MRI was done and I was told I had three more stones in my left kidney.  I nearly fainted.  After a LOT of research I found out about an herb called Chanca Piedra.  I took it for two weeks and three big ugly stones actually passed from my body painlessly.  I still sometimes pass them painlessly. I was CURED from one bottle of herbal tincture.  It was a miracle. The Chanca Piedra was in a formula from HerbPharm called Break Stone.  I immediately began to study plant medicine very seriously.

I had grown up around hospitals, doctors and diagnostic thinking (I am the son of a physician) and the I felt comfortable with the process and I felt comfortable using herbs as medicine, having gardened as a youngster and having spent a lot of time in the woods over the years.

I have studied with many experienced herbalists and leaders in the field of Botanical Medicine.  Peeka Trenkle, David Winston, KP Khalsa and Stephen Harrod Buhner amongst others.  I graduated from David Winston’s two year Herbal Studies program, studying biochemistry, botany, anatomy, physiology, pathology, and Chinese, Indian and Native American medicine (and mainstream medicine) along with a couple hundred healing plants and how to use them.  I am constantly amazed and fascinated with the connection between plants, medicine and our health.  I have treated dozens and dozens of people and I have seen incredible results.  I have a connection to this field both through my physician father, my love of nature, and a love of art.  Medicine is an art.  We should be poets and painters and musicians of healing.