About Me

As the son of a physician, I’ve always been interested in the healing arts and I became interested in herbal medicine as a young man.  Eventually herbs cured an intensely painful condition for which standard medicine had no treatment- kidney stones.

After being hospitalized twice to pass stones, I was told that an MRI showed 3 more stones- and that there was nothing to do besides wait for the pain to start and be hospitalized for morphine based painkillers and in a crisis, surgery.  I was ready to do anything to avoid the searing pain I knew was coming at any moment.  After a lot of research I discovered Chanca Piedra, an herb from South America.  Chanca Piedra means break stone.  I found some and took it as directed for two weeks and lo and behold- three big gnarly kidney stones passed from my body. Painlessly!  I have since then passed other stones. I was CURED from one bottle of herbal tincture and a few teaspoons of marshmallow root powder.  It was a miracle!  (People pray really hard when they get a kidney stone).   Because of this miracle, I decided to begin an in-depth study of plant medicine.

I had grown up around hospitals, doctors and diagnostic thinking and I felt very comfortable and confident.  I knew I had found something important, and to me it was fun!  I got a great education and began treating people.

I have studied with many experienced herbalists and leaders in the field of botanical medicine, including Peeka Trenkle, David Winston, KP Khalsa and Stephen Harrod Buhner amongst others.  I graduated from David Winston’s two year Herbal Studies program, studying biochemistry, botany, anatomy, physiology, pathology, and Chinese, Indian and Native American medicine (and mainstream medicine) along with a couple hundred healing plants and how to use them.  I am constantly amazed and fascinated with the connection between plants, medicine and health.  I have treated many, many people and I have seen incredible results.  I have a connection to this field through my family, my love of nature, and my love for art.  Medicine is an art.  We should be poets and painters and musicians of healing.