I wanted to see if i could order 2 bottles of your Hit Medicine w/DMSO concoction.  I would like to give one as a present…yes, a present.  I had a bad fall in Sicily…really bad and that stuff worked miracles…so much that one of my friends said she had to have it. “

Mimi, Los Angeles

“Robert and his plant medicines have been a big help- keeping me competitive and high-functioning in my deadline-packed environment.  I’m sleeping so much better, better digestion, and my horrible spring allergies are gone!  I’m much less anxious, I feel less stress, and I have more energy. I recommend him.

Kevin Martinez, Publisher & Vice President, DETAILS Magazine

…your sleep potion packs a punch. What the heck is in the punch?  I’ve taken it before bed twice and once in the middle of the night. I’ve slept eight hours on the nights I’ve taken it, and I don’t feel too groggy in the morning.  All and all, I think it’s been highly efficacious.


…an update (and phenomena) – The plants have been working so well on my mood since I started them…. but for one reason or another I have been unable to get to making my tea(s) – it’s been about two days and today I felt the dark, sad and depressed thoughts coming back into my mind and body……  and then it hit me that I had not had any tea in a couple of days – so I made a fresh batch this evening and I have to say… I am feeling better, optimistic and happier –  it’s either one of the plants, a combo of some of the plants or all of the plants put together —

BOB – IT’S A HAPPY TEA!  WOW…..XOXOXO  (there are not enough X’s and O’s to thank you!)—–Mary Lou H.  NYC

-I followed your instructions on using the Comfrey poultice.  The plastic wrap worked quite well with some tape and I was able to wear it to bed.  Took it off after I woke up and it was practically dry.

Being somewhat of a skeptic I have to report that the poultice actually felt quite good to wear.  My Achilles just feels better today.  I took a short walk today and it felt quite good; perhaps not 100% but better than the day before.  I am encouraged and will definitely try this again although it may have to wait until I get back from Florida next week.Thanks for all your ministrations.

~Caleb Davison, NYC

Woke up this morning with a slight headache and chewed on a bit of licorice root while I steeped some Willow Bark tea.  I was determined not to take more advil.  Drank the tea, went back to sleep.  Woke up with no headache!


Jessica E. NYC

Kevin told me that he asked you to bring his herb supplies and Rhodiola for me. I also want your “Clean Green Cream.” I’ve been using this cream morning and night, and it’s very small amount left now.

I noticed recently, I finally stop seeing yellow scabs at incision area.
Hiroko Quigley- Newport, NJ


“The herbs you gave me really helped me with sleep and immunity and overall sense of well being.  Also, a year ago that dentist told me my bad tooth would decay rapidly and if it wasn’t removed within two or three weeks I was looking at nothing but misery–well it’s a year later and the tooth hasn’t changed.  Nor have any of the other teeth which are in various stages of decay.  Also, as you said, a little swish to the back of my mouth and any hint of an oncoming cold or sore throat goes away.  Is it just my ‘magination? “  `

Kevin Quigley. Artist, New Jersey


Hey Bob –  Mimi is feeling much better — all the pain she was experiencing in her abdomen has disappeared — she is taking all the herbs you prescribed and it’s working.

Joel P. NYC


Bonjour Bob, I wanted to let you know that I am feeling much better! Thank you sooo much! I am not having pains associated with fibroid or cystic situation right now which is HUGE!

~Mimi M. Paris France


Hello, this is Ethan. I wanted to thank you for the cream you sent. I’ve only used it a couple days so far and its working great. Much appreciated!

~Ethan, Geneseo NY

Thanks so much for the herbal triage. I’m finally starting to turn the corner on the dystonia, and I think you helped BIG TIME!